Clue Party 2023 - Here's what happened...

Clue Party 2023 - Here's what happened...

In what seems to be the darkest corner of our beloved town sits the historic Shelborne Mansion. The beautiful residence was once the center of the town’s vivacious social scene, but for the last ten years, the overgrown weeds and boarded up windows have been a clear indication that those days are over.

After a series of public humiliations - a cheating wife, a shady business partner, an unsuccessful political run, and the subsequent heavy drinking that led to him being found passed out and naked somewhere along the walking club’s morning route, Marty Shelborne locked himself inside his mansion and has not been seen or heard from since. So, imagine the surprise when a select group of people in town opened their mailboxes to find an invitation to a party thrown by Mr. Shelborne himself. No one would dare miss an opportunity to see what has become of the reclusive Mr. Shelborne and the home he has not left in ten years.

Guests arrive on the night of the party to find the home in tip top shape. The boards on the windows have been removed, the lawn freshly mowed, and the darkness seems to have lifted. They gather on the front porch and before they can knock, Wadsworth the butler opens the door to greet guests with a giant smile and a tray of champagne. The guests enjoy their drinks as they gawk over the stunning residence. The home was always beautiful, but the priceless artworks and one-of-a-kind antiques that now fill its halls are new additions. It seems Mr. Shelborne has done well in his solitude.

An hour later, the mood has drastically changed. Mr. Shelborne’s purple satin pajamas snag on the doorframe as Mr. Green and Col. Mustard carry his bloodied body back upstairs to his bedroom. Wadsworth and Yvette are wringing the blood out of washcloths in the kitchen sink. In the library, Mrs. Peacock has her face in her hands crying as Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum nervously share a cigarette in the corner. Mr. Green and Col. Mustard rejoin the other guests.

Peacock: This is all my fault.

Green: No, my dear, you didn’t do anything wrong.

Scarlet: It was pitch black when the lights went out, so you don’t really know what she did, do you?

Green: I know my wife.

Mrs. White walks into the library mumbling to herself and writing in a notepad.

White: If we just think about this logically, I know we can figure out what…

Mustard: He’s dead. That’s what happened. We’re all better off.

Plum: Better off? How can you say that? Do you know what this will do to my political career if it gets out?

Mustard: How would anyone find out? He was a recluse. As long as no one else…

The doorbell rings interrupting Mustard. Everyone in the library freezes. Wadsworth dries his hands and makes his way to the door as Yvette hides the rags in her apron. Before Wadsworth makes it all the way to the door, it flies open to reveal a group of towns people peeking into the mansion.

Ginger: Hi! We heard there was a party! Hope you don’t mind a few more.

Wadsworth: Actually…

Rose pushes her way past Wadsworth toward a painting on the wall.

Rose: Oh wow! Is that a Grant Harren?

Wadsworth: Umm… if you don’t mind…

The rest of the group follows closely behind Rose then into the library where Honey finds her husband. 

Honey: What is going on here? I thought this was a party. Why is Mrs. Peacock crying?

Mustard: What are you doing here? You need to go home.

Jade: Honey said you were all over here for a party so we thought we would join.

Mr. Stone and Hunter notice the blood on Mr. Green & Col. Mustard’s shirts. They look at each other wide eyed then slowly back out of the room. They search the house and find Mr. Shelborne’s body then return to the library.

Jade: What happened to Mr. Shelborne?? Who did this??

Ginger: What do you mean? What’s going on?

Rose: He’s been killed!

The new arrivals all gasp. Professor Plum slowly makes his way to the doorway and tries to sneak out.

Hunter: Sit down Plum. No one is leaving until we figure out what happened here.

Ginger: Ummm… I should probably mention that I invited a few more people… and by a few, I mean the whole town.

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